Welcome to Tyler Jones Photography, formally known as Exile Photography.  I founded my photography business in my hometown of Gainesville, Florida about nine years ago to showcase the wide variety of photography services I offered.  In the last decade my photography tastes and aspirations have shifted and as of May of 2016, I'm moving away from the "Exile Photo" brand and associating my photography primarily with my name only.  I continue to practice a variety of photography genres and take on jobs large and small from private business/corporate clients to weddings and everything in between.  I've honed my photography skills over the last decade as both a freelancer as well as the full-time head photographer for the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, where I'm currently employed shooting a variety of research subjects for the university throughout the state.  Recently, I've had the privilege of working for NGOs, documenting USAID-funded humanitarian aid in east Africa, with the goal of becoming a full-time NGO reportage photographer following the completion of my master's degree in mass communications from the University of Florida.  If you have any inquiries about any of my work or are interested in hiring me, please feel free to contact me. Thanks and enjoy the content of this site.